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La Ventana, Baja California Sur has become the destination of choice for kiteboarders and windsurfers. Kurt N Marina’s is located in the hub of all things related to these exciting water sports. Launch right from the beach, just yards from the palapa.

La Ventana Wind & Kite Sizes

During the winter in La Ventana you can expect strong winds known as “El Norte”. This wind comes hundreds of miles down the Baja coast

Generally you’ll want to bring your quiver, as when El Norte and the thermal combine, it will rip and you’ll need that small sail or kite!

You can check La Ventana wind forecast here, or view wind averages by month lower on their forecast page. When checking the forecast for upcoming days, you can tack on an extra 5-10 mph to what is forecasted due to the thermal effect. Generally, on good days, you’ll see the majority of kiters out on 7 to 10 meter kites. March and April can see some high winds and small kites. As the air temperatures rise, so do the thermals, creating strong winds.

Weather & Water

From November to March, the daytime temperatures vary from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Evenings get cool, so bring warm clothes! April to October, air temperature is usually from 70 to 90 degrees F.

Water is usually warm and a little choppy with a occasional swell breaking in front of Palapas Ventana, La Camaronera reef or La Bufadora reef.


What Gear to Bring & What to Wear

Wetsuit: In November you can get away with a 1/2mm top and board shorts or 2mm shorty. Starting December the air can start to cool but the water still feels warm (~70 degrees F), so most will wear a full wetsuit, 2-3mm. By March, the water will be at it’s coolest, but the air starts to warm again.

Booties: The beach in front of Kurt n’ Marina is clean of urchins but 5 feet out there can be sharp rocks in some areas, so booties are an extra precaution. If you end up downwind at Baja Joe’s beach, it is very clean and fairly wide. But if you are a beginner, and not sure where you might end up in the bay, booties are recommended as they will protect your feet no matter where you end up.

Clothes: Starting in November through to March, the air temps are cool, especially in the evenings. So bring warm clothes, especially for days when there is an El Norte wind in the evening.

La Ventana is Beginner Friendly

La Ventana is beginner friendly. It is this way  because the bay is curved in a way that you will always get blown downwind on a beach. If you are still working on staying upwind, no problem… Start up near or past the nearby RV campground, launch safely and kite downwind to Baja Joe’s which is just south of Kurt N Marinas. At Baja Joe’s there are many people, and you’ll have no problems finding someone to land your kite.

There are many kiteboarding schools in La Ventana offering lessons. From one-on-one with radio assisted courses to girls camps, you will easily find the perfect course to get you riding in no time.